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Soil & Mulches

Enhance your garden with nutrients by adding some new soil. Use certain mixes in your pots to help with container growing. Help with weeds and water retention with some Cedar Mulch.

Mulch · Soil


Black MulchIn Stock3 cu ft Bag$ 8.49

Natural MulchIn Stock3 cu ft Bag$ 6.99

Red MulchIn Stock3 cu ft Bag$ 8.49


3 in 1 MixIn Stock30 L Bag$ 4.49

All Purpose Potting SoilIn Stock30 L Bag$ 5.99

Composted ManureIn Stock30 L Bag$ 4.79

Garden SoilIn Stock30 L Bag$ 3.99

Sea CompostIn Stock30 L Bag$ 7.19

Seedling and SproutLimited Stock25 L Bag$ 6.99

Veranda MixOut of Stock30 L Bag$ 7.59